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Animal Equipment - AHT 1000

Better condition

Ideal supplement to the daily training or training up to competitions.

Increased recovery

Reduce the horse's weight on the legs and can thus get started with rehabilitation faster. 

Muscle building

With a rider, the horse's natural back swing is reduced, you are guaranteed a full back swing here and this helps in proper muscle building.


A dvance H orse T echnology, this machine is developed to help the horse, with exactly the need it needs. It is therefore a machine where you get all the options to give the correct treatment. Whether it is recovery, training or maintenance of the horse.

The machine has the following functions:

Water treadmill

Here you can train the horse in steps it runs from 0-10 km / h. At any water level that suits the horse, to between knee and shoulder height. With treadmills, you can reduce the healing process in joints, as well as increase fitness and promote muscle building. 


The machine can be used without water, for cardio training or rehabilitation. It is an effective substitution for the daily training or competition preparation.

Vibration floor

The machine has a built-in vibration floor, this helps to increase blood circulation, and loosens the horse's muscles. 


With 4 panels, 20 lamps and 6 fans. This can quickly dry the horse on the cold days, or warm up and loosen the muscles.

Cold water spa

Here the water is 2-3 degrees. With a salt and acid concentrate. This promotes the healing process of wounds and helps in better blood circulation in the legs, as well as recovery after riding.


We will find the best financing that suits you.

We know there is a big difference in stables. That is why we adjust financing to suit exactly your barn and risk appetite. From whether you just want to buy the machine or you just  want it installed and share the earnings.


We have attractive leasing options through our dealer


For you who just want to own. We have a solid dealer of AHT1000

Find an AHT1000 near you!
Below you will find a wellness machine near you. All locations on the map, offer you can come with your horse and use the machine.

Did you find your place missing on this map?
so contact us and hear more about the possibilities. 
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