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AHT 1000

AHT1000 stands for Advance Horse Technology. This is a machine that combines treadmills, water treadmills, spa, vibrating floor and solarium. You get great security, user-friendly technology and a powerful machine. 

Repos for at være i højde med hesten
Sikker lukning af døre, samt nødstop
Vand og spa
Nem og brugervenlig betjening af maskinen

Water treadmill

Here you can train the horse in steps it runs from 0-15 km / h. At any water level that suits the horse, to between knee and shoulder height. With treadmills, you can reduce the healing process in joints, as well as increase fitness and promote muscle building. 


Here the water is 2-3 degrees. With a salt and acid concentrate. This promotes the healing process of wounds and helps in better blood circulation in the legs, as well as recovery after riding.

Will be available on the machines from autumn 2022


The machine has a built-in vibration floor, this helps to increase blood circulation, and loosens the horse's muscles.


With 4 panels, 20 lamps and 6 fans. This can quickly dry the horse on the cold days, or warm up and loosen the muscles.

Touch screen

The machine is controlled from Full HD, 10-point touch screen. The control system is developed with the burger, at the forefront of the mind. So it is easy and straightforward to operate, for everyone. With feature as self-selection of background image, as well as information page. 


Safety has come first, ever since the first line drawing. Both for horse and humans. You will therefore find 2 emergency stops, a photosensor that registers the horse, a rear boom, a secure closing system of doors and a safety carabiner on leash chains. You will find recommendations for safe use in the manual


The machine can be used without water, for cardio training or rehabilitation. It is an effective substitution for the daily training or competition preparation.

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